North of the Sun (en)

“North of the Sun”
10. – 16. 10.2015, London, UK, 21 participants from 3 countries

Busy London was in October the hosting place for youth Exchange inspired by the movie with the same title “North of the Sun.” The film impressed the organizers so much, that they started to think how they could experience something similar. And so it was born this exchange. The aim of the project was among other things to strengthen the skills of young people, their employment opportunities and try to modernize current situation in the field of youth work. There were used the methods of non-formal education, such as learning by doing, but also learning through film, particularly film depicting the situation of the European seas. There was shown the bad treatment of seas, commitment to their rescue with people from other countries and at the same time the desire to inspire others to create similar film or the exhibition of the photography from their own experience. The participants received Youthpass and Europass, but also „John Muir Award”, which is the award for the education in the nature.

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