Successful youth (en)

“Successful youth”
02. – 12. 01.2016, Daugirdiškes, Lithuania, 36 participants from 6 countries

SYTEV started year 2016 with six Slovaks on the youth exchange in Lithuania just on the second day of this year. By the topic ,,Successful youth“ , the organizers tried to show us our concerns – young people and our occasional lack of motivation. If our motivation is not missing, we look for the opportunities how to be better. During 11 days we tried to overcome our fears and discuss about them with people of the same age from Europe. We listened to several stories of successful people that taught us and helped us in our development. We believe that this project helped us in finding way to meet our diverse goals. In addition to valuable knowledge, we take with us lots of experience and memories about the capital cities Warsaw and Vilnius, and also about the low temperatures, which didn´t avoid us in these Baltic countries.

Finally, the evaluation of the project from Slovak participant Kristina:
„I liked that the project went deeply in the details. It really gave me a lot of motivation. I met new and interesting people. I get to know new cultures and customs of other countries. I tasted traditional dishes and visited really nice places“

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