Trip to Bojnice & Trenčín

Me, Artur and Nick decided to visit Boynice small city where lives only about 5000 people. This city is known for its medieval castle built in 12th century and also for the oldest zoo in Slovakia. We have only visited the castle of Bojnice. There were different tours available in English and also a night tour. If I knew about the night tour before then I would go better for the night tour as it creates more atmosphere of a medieval time when the city is quiet and mystical. Maybe in the future if I have some time and opportunity then I will visit the night museum tour and also the zoo too.

The reason why we decided to start exploration of the castles from this very castle is that it is considered to be one of the most beautiful and most visited in the central Europe. There were some of the evidence that it was firstly built from the wood and later on it was rebuilt throughout the centuries from stone. Contemporary view of the castle was shaped in gothic revival architecture. Also it is known for filming stage for fantasy and fairy-tale movies. Bojnice castle is now part of the Slovak National Museum. Also every year takes place the biggest annual event of international ghosts and spirits in May.