Stay safe

St@y s@fe – 2016-3-RO01 – KA105 – 035593

15. – 23. 05. 2017, Cernica, Rumunsko

The project stay safe is an exchange of young people in the program Erasmus+, KA1, which has the purpose to offer to 24 young people a framework wherein they can become aware and educated about the dangers of using the internet and in which the young people can learn to use online technology in a safe and responsible manner. Young people accessing the internet is a concern of international organizations involved in youth activities. There are numerous risks that can negatively impact the development of the children and youth. The lack of education is exacerbated because risky situations are very difficult to anticipate. It is therefor very important for young people to possess the necessary skills to guard against them. The necessity of this project originated from a series of alarming data presented in international studies concerning problems that affects on youth from local communities where the partner organizations are conducting their activities.