Nature spirit

For me, Sweden was a great social and environmental experience. At first, I felt weird about the whole thing, because I have never tried something like this. But it turned out to be a great project even for someone like myself. The theme of this project suited me very well. In my country, people don’t care that much about nature, environment and pollution. They have other problems, so I think at least young people should take this thing seriously and be more aware of what they are doing. Activities that we did were mainly aimed for lifestyle and self-changing things that we can implement to or improve in our lives. For me, it was 3 minutes of showers and reduction of waste that I produce. Every time I am using a shower, I try to do it as quickly as possible. I don’t shower at home that much, mostly at my gym, so to this day I wasn’t caring about water usage that much. But I realised that this can really make a change in our society and it is so easy to follow. Next thing is waste reduction. My family recycles a lot, we live in a village and separate every kind of waste that we can. But still, it doesn’t help, because in our country we can’t recycle every single thing that does not decompose. So I am now convincing my family to be careful when buying stuff and reusing everything possible… It was a really great experience, and I hope to undertake something similar soon. Keep up the work! -Samuel Vadovič
I consider myself to be quite a stressful type of person and that ´s why I had a bizarre feeling about this project at the beginning. After the first day, I found out I had nothing to worry about. All the people there were very kind and friendly, the activities were very entertaining and yet educational, and the camp was beautiful just like Swedish nature. Through activities, we shared our ideas on how to behave more ecologically. I liked that the project was focused on the environment because it is an important issue that still needs to be talked about. While working in international groups, I learned how they recycle in foreign countries and how they deal with pollution and littering. I would recommend a project like this to anyone who wants to improve their English skills. At first, I was afraid of my English as I study Spanish, but I can see considerable progress after this project. In conclusion, I ´m delighted to have decided to participate in this unique project that also motivated me to join in similar ones. It was an unforgettable experience, and I ´m really grateful that the organisation SYTEV allowed me to participate in this great project and also travel to one of my dream destinations – Sweden. The only negative thing is that I will miss all those fantastic people and our Bomstad camp which always will have a special place in my heart. – Denisa Mozoľová

So I have to admit that I was really nervous before this project because I am not confident about my English. But now I am convinced that this is the best thing I could do to improve my English skills and also to feel more comfortable to talk in front of people. I think that we all have learned how to collaborate on tasks which were oriented on environmental issues. I have to say that the topic of this project suited me very well because I am interested in nature and also care about the environment. I like that we discussed how we could make our situation better. We were comparing our countries and explaining what people do to protect our planet. On the other hand, we also carried off something from the culture of every country thanks to cultural evenings. We had a chance to try typical meals and to dance national dances, and it was so fun. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in this project and I highly recommend it. – Michaela Frolová

I have never had a similar project experience before. At first, I was a little bit sceptic, and I did not give much hope to the project. But after we got to know new people, I realised that this project was not just about languages and learning about cultures. It gave me much more, believing that people with humility, respect and humanity have not yet died out. Also, I am happy to say that my English improved a lot. I have to praise Swedish nature because it was beautiful to see a different kind of terrain. I did not worry about the cold weather at all, because I prefer cold rather than heat. I was satisfied with the nature spirit theme. I would be happy to recommend the project to others. Big Thanks to organizators. 🙂 – Roland Fojtík
I am delighted to have participated in this project. I was worried about what to expect, but later I liked the team, and I got on very well with many people also personally. Focus on environmental protection has inspired me and has given me a lot. Also, the project helped me to improve my English. Nature and location were beautiful, and even the cold weather did not bother me. I learned a lot about other countries and made new friends. Great thanks for this fantastic project an I would be happy to recommend it to friends. – Kristina Ruceková