Starting with the basics (en)

Starting with the basics         
01-08.12 2016, Messini –Greece, 38 participants

Youth exchange „Starting with the basics“, which took place in Messini, Greece, was intended for youth without any prior experience with exchanges. It was attended by 6 participants from Slovakia, with other 18-24 years old participants from Greece, Sweden, Spain and Croatia. The aim was to create the basis and values that each new participant has to know during his/her first participation in programs Youth Exchange Erasmus+.

During the project the non-formal education and values were strengthened and emphasis was put into the active participation of young people. Methods used in the exchange were indoor and outdoor activities, brainstorming, practical learning, teamwork, simulations, role-play. It was obviously good getting to know the functioning of the youth exchanges and for the participants all games and learning methods were new and therefore very interesting.

Our Slovak group represented us very well, especially during the cultural evening, where the main goal was to teach others about the culture of their country through traditional delicacies, dance, music or video.

We believe that the Slovak group liked their first youth Exchange and there is a big assumption, that like many of us, who already tried a youth Exchange, a day after the projects they would also scroll down the Facebook with the objective to find new exchange, to travel, to see, to find new friends from all over the world, but especially learn something new.

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