Zo života dobrovoľníka

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On July the 10th, Friday I visited together with youth club workers, with whom I work or help in youth club and 2 other youngsters,  Terchova, more precisely Jánošíkove diery. I already have been there once. It`s a beautiful place and also a national park. There is valley, small waterfalls and little stream and it is of course in the forest. This was the best day in last 2 weeks because in the evening I also played billiard in KNM.

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Honestly quite bad. During that time I drank much alcohol, probably the most during my life. Socially I also didn`t met a lot of people and stayed a lot of in my apartment (in Žilina with other volunteers). Have very few impressions.  This week I should have upload on youtube a new video about my stay in Slovakia, but I did not because I did reboot and factory reset to my phone and all my photos and videos of last 2 weeks were deleted. I also experienced first time in my life the dark side of our super developed technology, which seems that it is always good and only positive. But it is not. Probably I became only virus, but I realized it later. Now I don`t want to be even online and I am tired of being all the time online and available in facebook etc. 

This activity was supported by the European union from European solidarity corps managed by IUVENTA.

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