Youth E-Volution



In May 2018, 7 people from Roznava, Slovakia participated on the project Youth E-Volution which took place in Cagliari. That´s the capital of Sardinia island which belongs to Italy. The topic of the project, as it might be obvious from the title, was about evolution of youth people connected to using any social media or the internet. Youth E-Volution started on 23rd of May in capital of Sardinia in kind of suitable hostel in the very centre of the city. We had everything nearby. There are many good views because city is built on a smaller hill and many good beaches as well. Participants were a bit diverse.


Except of us and Italians – Bulgarians, French, Polish and Romanians took part as well. Project ended on 29th of May. We got many new friends there and it´s very important to have somebody from abroad who can help us if needed. Polish people are Slavic, too so we thought we can understand at least something from their language. It is easy to speak with Czech people but we have never tried to speak with Polish before. We tried and the result was that during whole project we were communicating with them in Slovak and they in Polish language. We understood totally everything what was a surprise for us.


The first day was like on all projects. Getting to know each other and trying to remember all of names. Some of them were really, really, really hard to remember. Often those which are not Slavic or English. Communicating language was English of course and all Slovak members are students of English grammar school so we had great opportunity to practise our skills and no problems happened about misunderstanding or stuff. This project was special in facilitating of activities. We had organizers but activities were led by national groups. Each had something in program and could manage it on their own. The next days were about mass media, social media, journals and trust to them. Our part of the program was mapping concepts. We created and huge activity which was city game. We divided participants into several groups. Each group got a list of 30 questions about Cagliari, Sardinia and Italy. Some of them were geographical and some of them historical. They had 10 minutes to run into the centre of Cagliari and ask people about the questions. They needed to have as much correct answers as it was possible without using internet.




Then the second task was finding answers on the same questions using the internet. The question is “What is easier and better?” After discussion we asked them to split into national groups and write on flipchart 10 things which are searched the most in their country. One day we had opportunity to see Sardinian radio. We could go into the building and see studios and much more. We also had Multicultural evening which is typical on mobility projects. We brought our traditional food, traditional sweet and much more. We presented our traditional folklore music and dances. Our final task was to create a video on a specific topic. We were divided into 4 groups. Each of us had different topic. According to our point of view we represented Slovak nation in very good way on very high level. All participants were satisfied about everything and we are happy to get this opportunity.