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Stand up against extremism

In this project took part 8 countries: Slovakia, Ukraine, Egypt, Serbia, Palestine, Poland, Moldova, Estonia. We discussed 3 main topics which were the ways on how to deal with conflicts, what stereotypes each country has and what are possible solutions for overcoming extremism.

First day we had more ice brakers and game activities and discussions and later on during the week we learnt more information about national conflicts, posible ways to its resolutions and at the end of each day we had cultural evening where we presented our country. Also in the middle of the week we divided into two groups where one group went hiking and the other had a city tour. Personally, I went on a city tour, because I wanted to take my time and walk around the city and learn more about it. During the project we stayed in a small city Zakopane. In few months we will organize similar project, but in Slovakia. I hope there will be more people from the previous project so that we get to know each other better.

All in all, I liked it. For me it was my second Erasmus plus project, but for Nick it was the very first one. We had an overview of the project dynamics. In the next months we will also be writing a project together with a help of one of our project managers.

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