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Roma Mobile Books – Denisa Mozoľová

At the begining I was a little worried because I was the only one going from Slovakia and I had no
experience with the topic or training course . The very first day I found out that I had nothing to
worry about . I really enjoyed whole project , other participants and the organizators were so kind
and I am grateful to have an opportunity to meet so many amazing persons in one week . How I said
, I had no experience with integration of roma people or with the concept of Living library . This
changed as we shared situation of roma people of each participant country . We talk about problems
, discrimination of this minority and we shared our ideas and opinions about the topic and there
were always a room for the discussion . There were people working for Roma organizations who
introduced us to their work and personal experiences . In the second part of the project we started
to focus on “ Living Library “ which was a whole new thing for me . We learned the concept and how
to organize this type of event . After our free day ( which we all enjoyed ) we organized our own
Living library in the hotel where we lived . Besides , we had an interculture night where we tasted
typical food of each country and learned typical national dances. I would recommend such a project
to everyone , it is a great chance to learn something new , travel , meet new people and take home
memories that you will never forget.

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