Running in Škorčie

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Foto: Matej Minarovič

On Saturday evening, (30th May) in Kysucke Nove Mesto was held a running competition. The distance – 6.6 km. You might think it`s not so much, but when to consider that the running track was something 25 or 50% up the hill, then people would change the opinion.

For me it was really hard, I would say even the hardest run in my life, because I gave my 100%. When I previously from 11 till 17 years runned in the competitions, I always took them seriously, and so it was the same with this one. My time 31 min and 32 sec, 6th place from 24 participants is not bad. In my opinion only several runners were something like professionals, others just run for hobby probably. Longer distance in the sport events I have runned only once.

The weather was quite cold and little rainy, but this weather is for running better than heat. The unofficial competiton was international, and not beacuse only that I am from Estonia. One runner was from Czech Republic.

From the childhood on I liked sport competitions, and so it was this one, besides my maximum effort I also enjoyed the run. As my last competition was more than 8 years ago, the event reminded me about my past. (I used to do athletics for 6 years and running played there a huge part). Looking forward for another sport events like that.