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“Job me”
20. – 27. 06.2016, Calimanesti, Romania, 30 participants from 5 countries

At the end of June, six Slovak went to Romania to participate in the project under the name “Job me”. The participants had the opportunity to visit the capital city Bucharest one day before the project, from where they took 4-hour trip to the mountain town Calimanesti. The whole program of youth exchange was about the employability, or unemployability. The activities were focused on the skills one needs to have when looking for the job, participants were introduced how the labor market in the EU works, they exchanged the knowledge about the current situation in the states and talked about the business opportunities and how to encourage young people to start their own business. The interesting day of getting to know foreign cultures was the day of the visit of the library in the near town Ramnicu Valcea because it was a holiday, when all women wore the traditional costumes. Later they visited the local museum and a local company taught them what “social entrepreneurship” is. It was again one rewarding project.

What the participants say about the project?

“I experienced what was expected from these projects – I met interesting people, visited the country and learned more about the issue of the project topic. I am looking forward to further cooperation with the organisation SYTEV, which was smooth.“  Natália, the project participant

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