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The first idea of ​​a education path in our city began in early 2019. Active young people within our community came up with the idea to build a education path, which has not been in our city yet. Ideas and planning became action thanks to the project „Education Paths for All“, which was supported by the European Solidarity Corps program. In this project, we want to build two education paths, the first in the Dubie district and the second in the „Škorčie“ recreation zone.

The Education Path Dubie of 8 stands, which you can see on the introductory board. It begins in the city cemetery, where is a memorial to the victims of the World War I. You can read information about how the war affected our city and its surroundings on the educational board ➡ the path continues to the Jewish cemetery, the one and only historical and cultural monument to the Jewish community in our city ➡ we will gradually get to Schaeffler Kysuce, the largest employer in Kysuce region ➡ the Chapel God´s Heart of Jesus follows ➡ The Coat of Arms of Dubie ➡ The Mini Gallery Zvonica – Community Center ➡ The Bell Tower ➡ The World War II Memorial, where the sidewalk ends at the war trenches. You can cross the Dubie nature trail in about 45 minutes. The boards contain basic information in Slovak and English language. For more information, just load the QR code on the board, which redirects you to the website with more detailed informations. The education path will also be in digital form for those interested. We collaborated with the Barrel company on the creation of the education boards, Mário Janík from the Kysucké Museum in Čadca helped us with the creation of the texts, and several volunteers helped us with the staffing.

On the link bellow you can find virtual show of educational path:

The project „Education Paths for All“ was supported by the European Solidarity Corps.

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