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I am writing a final article for the last 6 months of volunteering in KNM. All in all I am satisfied with my volunteering experience. I have actively taken part in many different activities offered by the SYTEV youth club organisation. The activities included: language cafes, assisting at three different schools, youth parliament meetings, outdoors sport, local do it yourself projects, slovak language courses, presentations at the culture house of Kysucke Nove-Mesto in order to promote solidarity corps ideas and represent our country to youth.

Writing articles and distribution to the youth club web page and newspapers of events, news and so one. Also most memorable projects were the ones that I wrote with my friend Nikita on „Healthy Lifestyle“ and the one that we took part in – Stand up against extremism in Poland. These two projects I will remember for a long time, it was an invaluable experience of my life… Unfortunately I had to stop my volunteering project because of corona crisis that touched my family on a financial level. I believe I haven’t missed anything from the project because the main work of volunteering was done for me – working at schools… Then the summer time is less of work, but more outdoor activities and so one. That’s why I believe that maybe it wasn’t a bad thing at all that I had to leave back to Estonia, but a positive sign too. I believe my friend will enjoy the rest of his stay in Slovakia and upon arrival share with me the experiences he had.

This activity was supported by the European union from European solidarity corps managed by IUVENTA.

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