Arrival meeting in Poprad

First week of the February we had our on arrival meeting with the volunteers from 8 different european countries: Germany, France, Spain, Rumenia, Kosovo, Ukraine, Turkey and Estonia. The main topic was to get to know with other volunteers from different parts of Slovakia. Learn which difficulties they face and what their local projects are. Also thanks to the organizers we learnt more about slovakian culture, economical and political situation in Slovakia. There were many different workshops organized by other members of the volunteers. We could learn japanese, roman languages, theatrical performance then movie making programs and softwares for the work for schools and just in general office work routine. We visited Hrebienok mountains which are situated in High Tatras and surroundings of Poprad on free days too.

Second week was work at schools. As mentioned in previous articles we decided to have less schools. Right now we work only in three different elementary schools in Kysucké Nové Mesto. Last week was nothing special, just ordinary school days, but soon we will be given training on how to organize camps for school pupils in our region and hopefully this summer we will organize it for children during a hot season. Also thanks to the workshops on social networking in Poprad we now have chance to meet with the same volunteers who we work with and have more interesting activities together or come up with different ideas for our projects.