Make your dreams come true
Make your dreams come true
Get lost in the beauty of nature
Get lost in the beauty of nature
Educate yourself behind the border of comfort zone
Educate yourself behind the border of comfort zone

About us

SYTEV is an independent, non-governmental organisation focused on recovery of society through charity and learning – education activity by introducing Christian and moral values.

SYTEV develops democratic dialogue, education and entrepreneurship in Slovakia and abroad. To achieve these aims it has an ongoing collaboration with the leading universities, NGOs and research organisations in Slovakia for the development of projects, trainings and educational material.

SYTEV retains a valuable network of professional trainers and educational experts experienced in formal and non-formal education. The network is considered competent to contribute to the implementation of activities related to the initiatives of SYTEV and its partners.

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Starting with the basics (en)

Eco Volunteers (en)

Minorities in action (en)

Job me (en)

Successful youth (en)

North of the Sun (en)


Viac o organizácií / More about organisation

Aim of organisation
The aim of the organisation is support and development of activities on the local, national (more&...
Target group
The target group are teenagers and young people from 13 – 30 years old.
Members of organisation
The organisation consists of 5 main members (managers), 15 youth workers and more than 200 members/v...
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Arnold Kratochvíl
Project Management
Bianka Juraszová
Project Management
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Spätná väzba od účastníkov / Feedbacks from partners

Naše projekty / Our projects

Stay safe
17. July 2017
St@y s@fe – 2016-3-RO01 – KA105 - 035593 15. - 23. 05. 2017, Cernica, Rumunsko The project stay safe is an exchange of young people in the program Erasmus+, K
10. January 2017
Membership in the organization is voluntary. The member can be any natural or legal person, who agrees with the statutes of the association, pays a membership f...
Starting with the basics (en)
10. December 2016
Starting with the basics          01-08.12 2016, Messini –Greece, 38 participants Youth exchange „Starting with the basics“, which took place in Messini, G
Eco Volunteers (en)
1. November 2016
“Eco-volunteers“ October 19th – 31st, 2016, Tallin, Estonia, 45 participants from 5 countries (more…)
Minorities in action (en)
13. August 2016
„Minorities in action“ October 1st – 12th, 2016, Narva-Jõesuu, Estonia, 42 participants from 5 countries We spent two weeks of holidays in Estonia on Youth
Job me (en)
28. June 2016
“Job me” 20. – 27. 06.2016, Calimanesti, Romania, 30 participants from 5 countries At the end of June, six Slovak went to Romania to participate in the proj
Successful youth (en)
13. January 2016
“Successful youth” 02. – 12. 01.2016, Daugirdiškes, Lithuania, 36 participants from 6 countries SYTEV started year 2016 with six Slovaks on the youth exchan
North of the Sun (en)
17. October 2015
“North of the Sun” 10. – 16. 10.2015, London, UK, 21 participants from 3 countries Busy London was in October the hosting place for youth Exchange inspired

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